ギャラリー.アート展·「Gabe and the Giant Strawberry」 Futaba それらの花2024
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「Gabe and the Giant Strawberry」 Futaba それらの花2024

作家名   : Futaba

タイトル  : Gabe and the Giant Strawberry

表現方法  : Oil pastels and colour pencils



【 略歴 】

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Now in her second year of studying art at university, she continues to expand and refine a wide range of skills and techniques across different disciplines. Future artistic goals include: becoming an art professor, direct a movie, and most importantly, make my family proud.

【 作品への思い 】

Strawberries are my favorite fruits. It also happens to be the matured ovaries of a flower. I thought it would be fitting for the theme of this exhibition, which surrounds the topic of flowers. While it is not a traditional depiction of flowers, I believe it is important to remember the ever evolving change of nature, similar to our fleeting lives. The rest of the ideas of this painting is up to the viewers to decide, as I don’t like over explaining my artworks. I hope everyone in some way can be evoked of some emotion and understand this work in their own ways. 

【 創作活動への思い 】

I believe creating is the never ending act of documenting and exploring who I am, through visual and non conventional ways.

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