ギャラリー.アート展·「Grove Keeper」 Melanie Botoni Boeker それらの花2024
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「Grove Keeper」 Melanie Botoni Boeker それらの花2024

作家名   : Melanie Botoni Boeker

タイトル  : Grove Keeper

表現方法  : Ink Drawing



【 略歴 】

This is my first public exhibition, but in high school I entered competitions a few times.

【 作品への思い 】

I imagined a large creature roaming the forest, making flowers bloom wherever it 

walks. I took heavy inspriration from the stroke-work of old landscape monk 


【 創作活動への思い 】

I tend to only sketch in permanent mediums, like pen, as I feel that will hone my ability to do things correctly from the start. That being said, I enjoy the flowiness of making without much thought and prefer relying on intuition as opposed to meticulous planning - however, both are important and go hand in hand. No matter the medium, I find myself wanting to make things each and every day, and I intend on doing so for life.

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